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We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of gaming, and to creating truly unique and immersive experiences for our players. Our team is composed of talented and experienced game developers, designers, artists, and engineers who are passionate about bringing the power of blockchain and game-fi technology to the gaming industry.

We are proud of the team we have built at Illuvium, and we are excited to continue exploring the possibilities of blockchain and game-fi technology in the years to come. If you would like to join our mission, check out our job openings at

Kieran Warwick
Kieran WarwickCo-founder
  • Admin

Aaron Warwick
Aaron WarwickCo-founder
  • Admin

John Avery
John AveryCTO
  • Server

Danny Wilson
Danny WilsonCFO
  • Admin

Itamar Amith
Itamar AmithHead of Architecture
  • Engineering

Rogier van de Beek
Rogier van de BeekHead of Concept Art
  • Artist

Alexandre Belbari
Alexandre BelbariHead of Animation
  • Artist

Benjamin Nietzche
Benjamin NietzcheHead of Game Design
  • Game Design

Chris Gutkowski
Chris GutkowskiSenior Blockchain Engineer
  • Blockchain

Dan Damian
Dan DamianSenior Blockchain Engineer
  • Blockchain

Petr Ermolaev
Petr ErmolaevVFX Artist
  • Artist

Dmitriy Ten
Dmitriy TenSenior Art Director
  • Artist

Andrew Wall
Andrew WallHost & Executive Producer
  • Marketing

Ergin Duzu
Ergin DuzuLead Technical Artist
  • Artist

Vanya Panova
Vanya PanovaEnvironment Artist
  • Artist

Nicolas Martigne
Nicolas MartigneHead of Sound
  • Artist

Peiu Alexandru
Peiu AlexandruQA Game Tester
  • qa

Emil Gruev
Emil GruevEnvironment Artist
  • Artist

Edi Ionel
Edi IonelQA Game Tester
  • qa

Alexis Vynckier
Alexis VynckierConcept Artist
  • Artist

Carlos Acevedo Ruiz
Carlos Acevedo RuizC++ Game Developer
  • engineering

Marco Arjona Núñez
Marco Arjona NúñezUI Programmer
  • engineering

Kosta Canatselis
Kosta CanatselisUX Designer
  • web

Stefano Bucci
Stefano BucciSenior Web Developer
  • engineering

Florian Charnacé
Florian CharnacéHead of Design
  • artist

Camille Lavieville
Camille LavievilleUI Designer
  • web

Daniel Butum
Daniel ButumCo-Head of Game Development
  • Engineering

Tarren Gill
Tarren GillInfluencer Manager
  • Marketing

Svetlana Tigai
Svetlana TigaiConcept Art
  • artist

Ronit Jena
Ronit JenaQA Game Tester
  • qa

Jayaram J
Jayaram JProducer
  • Producer

Felipe Gibran
Felipe GibranSenior Web Developer
  • web

Josip Vukoja
Josip VukojaLead Developer
  • web

Sarah Rae Nakama
Sarah Rae NakamaVoice Artist
  • artist

Samer Hammad
Samer HammadLead QA GamePlay
  • qa

Nicholas Malcolm
Nicholas MalcolmHead of Production
  • Web

Andrei Simion
Andrei SimionCo-Head of Game Development
  • Engineering

Laurin Bylica
Laurin BylicaDirector of Partnerships
  • Marketing

Varto Zaitounian
Varto ZaitounianHead of Finance
  • Finance

Sofia Erofeeva
Sofia ErofeevaConcept Artist
  • artist

Daniel Maddern
Daniel MaddernSIEM Lead
  • server

Andre Ferwerda
Andre FerwerdaModeler
  • artist

Nadun Liyanage
Nadun LiyanageC# Engineer
  • engineering

Ignas Klydzia
Ignas KlydziaTechnical Artist
  • artist

Oleksandr Shchavinskyi
Oleksandr ShchavinskyiSenior Game Developer
  • engineering

Sumit Bhowmick
Sumit BhowmickPerformance Testing Engineer
  • qa

Jacqueline Lee
Jacqueline LeeNarrative Designer
  • artist

Ọlá AB
Ọlá ABAPI Automation Engineer
  • qa

Lakshmi Nair
Lakshmi NairAnimator
  • Artist

Czenas Rodriguez
Czenas RodriguezAnimator
  • Artist

Iryna Rubchenia
Iryna RubcheniaMiddle Texture Artist
  • artist

Marc Tingle
Marc TingleHead of Environments
  • artist

Ali Farsangi
Ali FarsangiTexture Artist
  • artist

Sean Lobjoit
Sean LobjoitHead of Cloud Infrastructure
  • server

Greta Gliaudyte
Greta GliaudyteJunior Technical Artist
  • Artist

Ben White-Overton
Ben White-OvertonSenior Recruiter
  • recruitment

Sergiu Craitoiu
Sergiu CraitoiuSenior Engineer
  • engineering

Jeremy Meyer
Jeremy MeyerIT Operations Manager
  • engineering

Laura Santos
Laura SantosVFX Artist
  • artist

Luke Bolger
Luke BolgerSenior Recruiter
  • recruitment

Shawn Lim
Shawn LimTexture Artist
  • Artist

Sumoh Mohan
Sumoh MohanLead Realtime VFX Artist
  • artist

Tibo Csuko
Tibo CsukoAudio Artist
  • Artist

Ilya Nikulin
Ilya NikulinTechnical Sound Designer
  • artist

Richard Reyes
Richard ReyesKing of Community
  • marketing

Eugeniu Goncearuc
Eugeniu GoncearucSenior Infrastructure Engineer
  • server

Abolfazl Sayadi
Abolfazl SayadiVFX Artist
  • Artist

Brian Galloway
Brian GallowaySenior C# Engineer
  • engineering

Aykut Asa
Aykut AsaTexture Artist
  • Artist

Marcin Lipiecki
Marcin LipieckiSenior Lighting Artist
  • artist

Arthur Duque
Arthur DuqueSenior Character Artist
  • Artist

Irina Rubchenya
Irina RubchenyaTexture Artist
  • Artist

Tin Nguyen
Tin NguyenRigger
  • Artist

Yannick Vincent
Yannick VincentLead Groom Artist
  • Artist

Vincent Belbari
Vincent BelbariConcept Artist
  • Artist

Kendrick Szb
Kendrick SzbConcept Artist
  • Artist

Maria Llanes
Maria LlanesTexture Artist
  • Artist

Carlos Gomez Rios
Carlos Gomez RiosWeb Developer
  • Web

Kantemir Timurovich
Kantemir TimurovichModeler
  • artist

Victor Cotoman
Victor CotomanDevOps Engineer
  • server

Geza Molnar
Geza MolnarTechnical Artist
  • Artist

Akshatha Shenoy
Akshatha ShenoyArt Producer
  • producer

Vincent Fliniaux
Vincent FliniauxAudio Artist
  • artist

Perry der Vries
Perry der VriesData Analyst
  • server

Kevin Beckers
Kevin BeckersModeler
  • artist

Raghu Ramesh
Raghu RameshArt Producer
  • producer

Matt Kronschnabel
Matt KronschnabelGame Developer
  • Engineering

Truong Bui
Truong BuiGame Developer
  • Engineering

Ahmed Hammad
Ahmed HammadSenior Data Engineer
  • server

Andy Kang
Andy KangVideo Editor
  • artist

Ben H. Ford
Ben H. FordMusic Composer
  • artist

Dan Lambert
Dan LambertConcept Artist
  • artist

Daniele Calanna
Daniele CalannaGame Developer
  • engineering

Ionut Velican
Ionut VelicanQA Game Tester
  • qa

Jaco Herbst
Jaco HerbstSenior Character Artist
  • artist

Jins Jose
Jins JoseAnimation
  • artist

Jose Miguel Casas Pagan
Jose Miguel Casas PaganEnvironment Technical Artist
  • artist

Kostiantyn Bondar
Kostiantyn BondarSenior Game Developer
  • engineering

Max Hoek
Max HoekSenior Environmental Artist
  • artist

Shunyao Zhen
Shunyao ZhenQA Engineer
  • qa

Taofik Jawich
Taofik JawichQA Game Tester
  • qa

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